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May 24 2016
A search for 1.0 located in partname has found the listed 34109/4535 662 28101 Vista Medical Imaging Parts, Coils and/or Equipment.

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34109/4535 662 28101 1.0T Quad Lower Ext Coil Surface Coil Vista  

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  2215261-2   GE   1.0T Phased array torso coil    
  2215261-2   GE   1.0T Phased array torso coil    
  2225479   GE   1.0T Quad Extremity Knee/FT coil    
  M18858   GE   1.0T Knee/Extremity Coil    
  2225479-8   GE   1.0T Quad Knee/Foot Coil    
  34109/4535 662 28101   Picker   1.0T Quad Lower Ext Coil   Surface Coil  

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